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Robert and Bngo

Robert and Bingo

Robert S. King has published poems in hundreds of magazines, including The Kenyon Review, Southern Poetry Review, Main Street Rag, Pirene’s Fountain, Midwest Quarterly, California Quarterly, Chariton Review, Negative Capability, The Hollins Critic, Blue Unicorn, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Poem, Louisville Review, En Passant, Xanadu, Chattahoochee Review, The Cape Rock, Slant, Sow’s Ear, Great River Review, Visions Inter­national, Writers’ Forum, Lullwater Review, Permafrost, Habersham Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Hellas, Hammers, Poetpourri, Grasslands Review, The Atlanta Review, etc.

Books published:
When Stars Fall Down as Snow, Garland Press, 1976
Dream of the Electric Eel, Wolfsong Publications, 1982
Traveller’s Tale, Whistle Press, Inc., 1998
The Hunted River, Shared Roads Press, 2009, 1st edition. FutureCycle Press, 2012, 2nd edition. Also available in Kindle ebook.
The Gravedigger’s Roots, Shared Roads Press, 2009. FutureCycle Press, 2012, 2nd edition.Also available in Kindle ebook.
One Man’s Profit, Sweatshoppe Publications, 2013.
Diary of the Last Person on Earth, Sybaritic Press, 2014.

Developing a Photograph of God, Glass Lyre Press, 2014.

Reviews of King’s Poetry:
The Green Hills Literary Lantern (The Hunted River)
Neon (U.K.) (The Hunted River)
The Whistling Shade (The Gravedigger’s Roots)
Wild Goose Poetry Review (The Gravedigger’s Roots)
The Perpetual Bird (The Gravedigger’s Roots)
North Carolina Writers’ Network – West (One Man’s Profit)
Wild Goose Poetry Review (One Man’s Profit)

Editorial positions:
Gray Day, Assistant Editor, 1976-1979
Ali Baba Press (publisher of Lodestar and Local Storms), Co-editor, 1982-1989
University of GA, College of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences, Publications Editor, 1988-1998
Whistle Press, Inc. (publisher of Gaia: A Journal of Literary & Environmental Arts), Editor-in-Chief, 1993-1999
FutureCycle Press (publisher of FutureCycle Poetry), Director, 2007 to 2012
FutureCycle Press, anthology series co-editor, 2012-present
Kentucky Review, editor, 2014-present

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